Nicole Alicia Needs A Kidney

Nicole Alicia is an author/entrepreneur from Kansas City, MO. She is a mother, a wife, daughter. She has chosen to remain on dialysis until she can receive a life saving kidney transplant.

Hi I’m Nicole – I am an author/entrepreneur, who has End Stage Renal Failure due to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and I am in need of a Kidney Transplant.

After a week long stay in the hospital, after loosing what would have been her second child, doctors discovered mass amounts of protein in her urine. Sending her home only with the fact that she should follow up with a nephrologist (kidney doctor) as soon a possible.

In November 2016, she was told she only had 25% function left of my kidneys. Before this, Nicole had few known health problems and was in pretty good shape. We know that diabetes and high blood pressure are the top two causes of Kidney Disease, but she has never had either one.

Although she worked trying to preserve what little kidney function she had left, it quickly declined and she was put on dialysis March 2020. Several people in her family, including her mother and father have health issues and are not able to donate.

To donate a kidney you must be in near excellent health. Also she has no siblings. Her husband was willing to donate, but they cannot afford to both be bed ridden for 6 weeks at the same time with little support and a young son to take care of.

So that is why I am asking YOU for help!

What You Can Do…

Find out if you are a possible match for Nicole as a donor…

Call Christy @ St. Luke’s Hospital Transplant Center 816-932-3550 (

*Scroll down to Living donor for brief info

Reasons Why I am asking for a Living Donor

Dialysis is hard on your body

All though Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment, it does take a toll on your body. Dialysis can put your body at a higher risk for heart attack and cause other heart problems.

Deceased donor kidneys only last up to 10 – 15 years
The wait for a deceased donor kidney can be 4 years or more. There are currently 93,000 people waiting for a Kidney Transplant in the U.S.

Better Quality of Life
*Dialysis is time consuming. For peritoneal dialysis it can take up to 10 hours a night. You have to hook to a machine at a certain time each night, so that you can be up and ready in the morning on time.

*Travel is a slight problem because you have to take your machine (which weighs about 10lbs) everywhere you go. There is also no swimming in public chlorinated swimming pools, which is a major bummer in the Summer time.

*With a living donor you are able to schedule your transplant surgery at your convenience, where as with a deceased donor you only have so many hours to get to the hospital. Also surgery and recovery with living donor transplant presents fewer complications and overall longer survival times.

Nicole is a beloved wife, mother, daughter and friend. She is the mother of a 8 year old and would truly love to be here to see him grow up.

For more info on Nicole and her journey through End Stage Renal Failure and Dialysis follow her on social media and read her blog at

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God bless!

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