Melody Thomas, a smart, shy, awkward freshman, is excited to be going away to the same College as her high school sweetheart. She can’t wait to be independent and away from the familiarity of home.

Going off to College is a big thing for Melody. She is depending on her long-time boo, Xavier Davis to be her “partner in crime” like in High School. But, when he starts sending her calls straight to voicemail, ignoring her and not returning calls she knows something’s up.

Luckily, she runs into Kianna, a popular, beautiful ex-cheerleader that went to the same High School. Befriended by Kianna, she begins to show Melody another side of herself she hasn’t seen before. The Party Life!

A balancing act between her ever-so dramatic social life, love life, mixed in with a little drama back at home, Melody may not be able to deal.

Is dropping out the solution or working through it all to finish her degree. Will she be majoring in “Drama” from the University?

Drama University is a tale of heartbreak, growing-up, betrayal and unforeseen love.

In her debut novel, author Nicole Alicia takes you back to the early 2000’s before Twitter, before Facebook, before Ipod’s and Ipad’s when Instant Messenger and Chat was a way to communicate and Cellphones still flipped open.

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Copy of Copy of Dear Alice Co. (2)
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