A Letter to Myself at 17: Summer Before College May 2002

A Letter to Myself at 17- Summer Before College May 2002It’s graduation season again! Kids are graduating High School preparing for College or the Military. Some are graduating College and are about to step into “The Real World” and maybe get a real job for the first time in life. These times make me reminisce back on those days.

Dear Nicole,

Life isn’t what you think it is going to be. There will be some up and downs, but you’ll be alright in the end. That really cute guy you’re with, isn’t who you think he is. He’s going to break you’re heart into a million pieces and you will be devastated, for a long time but you will get over it. There’s this really great guy that you’ve known for along time…well I’ll let you find out for yourself. He comes in the picture a little later after you graduate from College.

Anyways, don’t go to College just to get a job and make a lot of money. You will be miserable! Really soak up the knowledge and the experience. Pursue what you want to be, not what you think everyone else wants you to be.

Try to tune out all the foolishness and the distractions. Stay focused! Relationships are important, but now is not the time to be in anything serious. Oh yeah, drinking is okay, but just try not to over do it.

You are a smart girl! Stay away from stuff you know you shouldn’t be getting into. Remember you are Gods child and you’re not alone. Your best friends in high school will take two different paths than you and that’s OK, but you guys will grow apart, but you will find new friends eventually.

This is a good time in life. You’ll never be 17 again! Be nice to your roommates and forgive them every once in awhile. Except for the crazy one that will pee on the floor next to your bed when she drunk out of her mind.




Getting Back To It #Writing

Getting Back To It #Writing

I’ve been struggling.

I have two scripts sitting on my computer that I haven’t handed over to an editor. Not out of fear or anything but well actually one I am almost finished self-editing and the other is a novel I finished nearly 2 summers ago editing that I need to hand over to an actual editor. There I said it!

I’ve done what I didn’t think I’d ever do and that is put my writing career on the back burner…yet again.

I used to write nearly everyday before I became a parent (I can’t blame this on my son but I will for now). I started back up shortly after he was born just journaling here and there and then when he was about a year and half got the great idea to write a novella.

Once again I totally lost direction and my husband and I’s lives when I became pregnant almost a year ago and then devastatingly lost our son inutero. I’ve been a slow path to coming out of a really low point of grief and regaining  my footing in life.

Most recently while being a stay at home mom to our 3 year old son, I wanted to continue to pursue my hobby of selling antiques and vintage items. I also love making things and decided to slam one of my other passions together writing, music and making stuff and started making these little handmade notebooks/journals and selling them on Etsy in my store Dear Alice Company.

I admit I had become a bit obsessed with selling on Ebay and Etsy. For awhile it seemed like I was making a few couple of sales every other day. I loved it! It kept me motivated! Between making things for my shop and shopping for items for my stores I had become really busy, very fast.

Now I’m working my way back around to writing every single day like before. It’s a struggle from what I have to do with my other tasks, but I am sure I can do. Heck I have to be able to do it! Seems like if I don’t write, seriously I become a miserable person. Writing is my therapy and more. Also if I don’t get these stories out that are floating around in my head…well let’s just say I irritate myself!

It’s a struggle. Hey someone has to do it, right?

5 Reasons I Loved Netflix Original Series Dear White People


5 Reasons I Loved Netflix Original Series Dear White People (1)

I watched the original movie, Dear White People like 10 times when it first came out. It’s still one of my favorites. A movie centering around a student ran radio show that address the dislikes of other white students by a mixed race activist on campus, what an interesting view.

But there are more than a few reasons that I liked the movie and this new series on Netflix but here’s 5 Reasons I Loved Netflix Original Series Dear White People:

Logan Larice Browning is gorgeous! I was sad when the actress from the movie Tessa Thomson wasn’t playing the part of Sam on the series, but I think Ms. Browning did a great job as well! Plus I think she’s drop dead gorgeous!

The individual character focus. During the DWP series, each characters story was told further in depth. Much like the movie, but told in 10 chapters instead for the series. I love to hear the back story of characters even when I’m read a novel it helps to understand where the characters are coming from. We knew that Coco was a complete witch with a capital “B” but why was she this way? I love that they explained it from her point of view.

The out front relatable, healthy dialogue about race relations in this country. Many times things are just hit on or touched on but in no way did they take that approach. The hit on the whole police officers killing young black men and even the incident where Reggie gets a gun pulled on him by campus police. Talk about relevant!

Things that really happen on predominately white College campuses to black students. Just from experience, I did attend a predominately white University. Some of the things that went on while I was there was just that the white kids weren’t purposely ignorant, they just simply didn’t know because they had not been around kids of any other race. Much different from some of the characters on the movie, I didn’t experience any but a certain roommate who clearly had a problem with me because I was black.

Oh, the drama of College life. The protests, the love triangles, experimentation, secret rendezvous’s, where do I fit in and campus scandal. I loved it all! I liked how the writers addressed the struggles of many black student’s but also portrayed the positives like the nightly meeting to watch “Defamation” a spoof of the ABC series “Scandal”. Also, the inside cook-out where they had my favorite  Shasta Grape Soda!

What a excellent series! I hope they make a Season 2.

What were you’re thoughts?