Excerpt from My Upcoming Novella

Excerpt from My Upcoming Novella


Dear readers:

Here is an excerpt from a WIP that I have titled, “The Misadventures of Melody T.”. I haven’t decided on a definite date yet of when I will be releasing the Novella, so make sure you bookmark my site and follow me on either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for updates!

P.S. “The Misadventures of Melody T.” will be sort of a prequel to my debut novel, “Drama University”.

10th grade had to be better. It just had to. In addition to my social awkwardness,  I’m about 5’7, which is slightly taller than the average 10th grade female. I hated that I had no, shape. Although skinny with all this unruly hair on my head, I tried to rock it my own way.

Mikey thinks I’m a lost cause. But what does he know? He’s always been a part of the “in” crew. He’s in all honors classes and have applied to all the top colleges he wants to attend.

Besides the fact that we have the same last name, you would never know he’s my brother. I’m a complete introvert, a nerd and frankly proud of it. I’ve never seen a good reason to run my mouth excessively, non-stop like say for example Jerica Jennings who was in my history class last year. She never, ever shuts up.  However, because of my quiet nature I started getting labeled as, “stuck up”. It’s like being the observant one is a curse.

“The quiet, light-skinned girl with glasses,” Shannon said. “Nobody really remembers your name. They just be like, who’s the skinny, light skin girl you always hang with? I’m always like that’s my girl Melody T! I thought you knew.”

Shannon had a comical way of telling stories sometimes. Like most best friends we shared a bunch of inside jokes that no one knew about but us. We connect on a level that’s different from everyone it seems. It’s always been that way though.


Just as I exited the front door, the bus came whizzing past the usual place it stopped. Just as the bus driver braked, a giant puff of lovely, black diesel exhaust spewed from the school bus flooding the air. Racing up the block, gripping both the straps of my backpack on my shoulder, just then I inhaled. Just as I went to hold my breath, it hit my throat making me choke and cough instantaneously. I hopped on the semi-empty bus taking the first empty seat I spot.


Shannon and I met up last night, so we could catch up and see what we were wearing tomorrow. She was riding with Bree, her older sister to school. I had no idea how she had closed that deal, because just like Mikey older siblings were not trying to have deal with us younger ones. “I whined to my mom, about how much I hated taking the bus. So she’s basically making her take me to and from school for now,” Shannon shrugged.

“Your Breanna really think she’s somebody special, I said rolling my eyes. “I know right. She ain’t nobody that’s why I’m not riding no school bus. Sorry, Mel you’re on your own this year.”

Breanna and Shannon were almost total opposites, sort of like Mikey and I. Bree was the fast talking, fighting, short skirt, titties out, I have a different boyfriend every week type. Shannon was pretty much laid back like me but was outspoken like her sister just a bit of a toned down version. Bree and I never got along. She was a bitch, who hated me from day one. I often wondered if she harbored some sort of resentment from when Mikey and her dated briefly and he broke it off with her. I just tried to steer clear of her, period.


Laying across the bed,I watched while Shannon pulled several items out of her closet with the tags on them. “Any word on how Mecca been doin’,” I sputtered. “Nope. I talked to her like a few weeks after school let out, before y’all left for that trip but nothing recently.”

“Yeah, all she said was they had to move out, so she was going to live at her grandma’s,” I said.

“Man what happened I wonder?,” Shannon turned around for a second and paused from what she was doing. I shrugged my shoulders. We were just happy she could still go to our school for the time being.

Upon exiting the bus, I walked up the stairs, through the metal framed, heavy plexi-glass doors and stopped. I paused and took a step to right, looking around and see if anyone I knew was around. My efforts to look fresh for the first day of school a last minute, half-assed attempt. I had on a brand new white Nike shirt with a big navy blue swish sign on the front and navy blue basketball shorts to match. I didn’t like my scrawny legs. Thank goodness my mom let me get contacts over the summer. I was finally able to ditch those goofy-looking pop bottle glasses, with the turtle shell frames I had been wearing since 7th grade. I wondered if anyone would even notice. Things felt different without them though. In a good or bad way, I wasn’t sure yet.


Rolling my eyes, I proceeded in. With two quick glances, I scanned the large crowd that was formed in the front hall. I didn’t spot Shannon and Mecca anywhere.Walking a bit further I started slowly down the hall, walking around a small group that gathered down the hallway by the gym. Everyone displayed such a look of excitement. That “new” glow. A familiar feeling I was remembering from years past.

It was a fashion show of sorts. The oohs at the cute guys was a familiar sound. Some had bulked up over the summer or something as simple as a new haircut and outfit benefited them greatly. Walking past the gym, the familiar sound of squeaking shoes, screeching against the freshly buffed wood floor blasted through the gym doors.


Making my way up the hall, I turned to go to the band room. There I found Shannon standing with Brooklyn and Vicki right by the entrance. Shannon, Brooklyn, Vicki and I all used to be really close friends. In middle school, something changed with Brooklyn and Vicki. They started hanging out with some girls in our class who didn’t really get along with Shannon’s outgoing personality and my awkward silence.

I slowly approached the trio reluctantly giving a soft, “Hey”.


“When did you get here?” Shannon pulled her hands out of her jean shorts, reaching in for a sisterly hug.

“Bus, just got here a little bit ago. It took me awhile to get through the crowds in the halls.”

Standing to my right, I could feel Brooklyn’s eyes scanning me, from head to toe. Attempting to pretend that I didn’t notice the annoying stare she gave when I was around.

“I had those shoes last year, remember.” Brooklyn stood pointing casually at my new white Nike’s. Shooting me a look, she swayed her head around to Vicki, who gave a soft chuckle. I looked down at my shoes and then at her.

“They cute though. Simple, but cute,” Vicki replied shaking her head in reassurance. I still didn’t know why Shannon even associated with them. I rolled my eyes and shook my head trying to flee the situation when Shannon intervened rather quickly, rolling her eyes too.

“Ooooh, okay, anyways guess who we just saw though this morning?,” Shannon grabbed my arm, pulling me toward her then putting her arm around my neck. I looked at her bug-eyed expression and shook my head, “Who?”

I figured she was talking about one of the guys she was crushing on last year. This dude we called “Rell” or her ex she went with most of 8th grade and part of Freshman year named Jay.

She reviewed my face once more, then started shaking her head at me.

“Uh, you’re no fun, but I’ll tell you anyway,” she took a deep dramatic breath and paused.

With hand gestures that read, surprise like a gift I was opening. She exclaimed, waving both hands simultaneously.

“Oh my god, Dominic Davidson!”

I was thinking in my head, she couldn’t have been more dramatic about it. I felt my brow raise all on it’s own .Shannon looked even more bug-eyed than usual, now raising both of her perfectly drawn on eyebrows at me. All I could manage to let out was a low, “Mmmmm”. Brooklyn and Vicki just looked at each other. I couldn’t really tell what that was about.

I paused for a moment and tried to play it cool, shaking my head slightly to agree with Shannon’s excitement.

“That’s cool.”

“He’s still cute, girl just taller”, Shannon shrugged. “You’ll probably see him around here today.”

“Yep, maybe,” I said. Just then Brooklyn and Vicki finally walked away and I felt like I could have a regular conversation with my best friend. “ So, what classes do you have after this semester? I know you told me, but I forgot already.”

Shannon dug into her fresh new purple backpack, then handed me a crumpled up piece of paper, I could barely read.  We had enrollment for school only two weeks before, but knowing her she got it and threw it in the backseat of Bree’s car and left it until this morning when she realized she needed it.


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Novel Excerpt #2

Novel Excerpt #2

This excerpt is taken from Chapter 2 of my upcoming novel, “Drama University” soon to be released on November 14, 2017. Pre-ordering will be available soon! Sign up for my mailing list (Click here to sign up) to stay informed on what’s coming up next from writer Nicole Alicia!

“Hold on,” I breathed into the receiver. I dropped the phone to go shut off my alarm so I could hear. “H-h-ello,” I managed to answer, now out of breath.

“Hey, what’s up?” A low voice, replied.

“Um hey. What happened to you? Why didn’t you call yesterday when you got up here? I called you. Everything go okay?”

Being startled awake like that I had near forgotten about yesterday. But I was wide awake now. “My bad Mel,. I was movin’ and I didn’t get up here til’ like 8 last night.”

“Aww, I see. So you couldn’t call and tell me, huh?” There was a long pause before he nonchalantly replied, “It was way too late, I knew you was sleep anyways.”

I let the brief awkward silence sit there between us.  

“I’m sorry baby, I’ll not forget next time.”

I rolled my eyes and got up out of the wooden desk chair I was sitting in.

“Yeah whatever,” I said reluctantly.

“So, I guess I’ll talk to you later, ‘cause were supposed to be in the Student Union at 9am for orientation.”

“Yep, see ya later, love you,” he said sweetly.

“I love you too.”, I said back and hung up.

I exhaled and slowly breathed out all my frustration from yesterday. I was relieved now.  

As a freshman, the school requested that you arrive one week early from the “upperclassmen” for freshman orientation. They had tours of the campus, classes that taught you everything you needed to know about the school and college life. Orientation was called “Getting the Most out of Your College Experience” according to the pamphlet that came in the mail with my room assignment. In the informational packet I had read in the mail, it just looked like all it should be called, where to go for this, who to go to for that, what residential life was like and on and on. But, I guessed that was too long of a title for it.  

Before I left home I went shopping to gear up for the whole first week of orientation and my first week of college. I planned out every outfit down to my shoes and accessories. I was hell bent on dressing as cute as possible. I didn’t really have a thing for clothes. I was never the best dresser. I just kinda went off what the other girls wore and did my best. The whole thought of having to be out and about amongst my peers, students I had never met before kind of made my stomach feel funny though, but I was definitely excited though.  Although I would say I was quiet, I was going to let my clothes speak for me.

Hoping to blend in since I was way taller than most females my age and had been since about 6th grade. At 5’7, and 120lbs the only thing I was really worried about was standing out like a sore thumb. I was always being teased in school, but I was hoping since this was college, things would be different. You know, a more mature crowd.

After getting dressed, I grabbed a Rice Crispy Treat and a Capri Sun out of my stash and  headed over to the Student Union about 8:50am. I entered to finding a ton of students lining the noisy, atrium. Certain students were holding up signs that read in big bold letters, A-F, G-L, M-R, S-Z some were shouting the group of letters they held up on their signs. I hesitantly maneuvered through the crowd until I was sort of close to the sign that said S-Z. I tried to stand closest to the outside of the group of students standing there. There was a group of about 100 plus students standing around a guy with brown hair, wearing a black polo with the school’s logo in the corner of the shirt.

Some students were conversing with each other, others stood there looking around with that lost look on their face. Which was probably how was looking also. I grabbed my phone and pretended to look occupied, which I thought may look better than looking around lost and clueless. After about 15 minutes of standing there, our group started to move toward the doors headed out to where the rest of the campus was.

Time was dragging that day.  I had occasionally seen Xavier and his best friend, Mark on campus with their group between sessions and in passing breaks in between the “informational sessions” the first day. He would nod what’s up, and I’d throw up my hand and give a cute little wave every time.  X was looking fresh, as usual. I didn’t mind telling my newfound acquaintances when they asked who that was.  

He had one of the new red Marc Ecko shirts on I had bought him this summer, with some new white Nike Air Force 1’s and crisply pressed khaki shorts that hung so low, all you could see was his socks and shoes. His hair was freshly faded, with his one diamond earring shining. My eyes moved from his feet him up as he passed. I took a mental picture just to save in my memory for later.

It was funny, his crew all pretty much dressed the same too. Somehow they had managed to all end up in the same orientation group. All four of them grew up together and went to the same schools together up until Xavier moved and started going to my school freshman year. Mark was Xavier’s best friend since kindergarden. I was introduced to Mark officially about a year ago. Xavier and I had just started back dating again, after breaking up for only the second time. We went on a double date with him and what I liked to call his “girl of the week”. Mark was comical and a so called “player”. He had all the flash and flair that a 17 or 18-year-old girl would be attracted to.

Since I had known, Xavier he talked about his boy, Mark.  He was about the same height as Xavier, mahogany brown skin, with light brown nearly hazel eyes. He was clean cut and I had never saw him anything but designer brands. He always had a different girl every time we double dated with him, which was basically every month. Mark was obviously, a firm believer in the phrase, “exploring your options”. From what Xavier had told me about him, I could see why. He was spoiled rotten by his wealthy parents and was the baby of the family. It was very plain to see he got what he wanted basically.

Anthony and Craig I knew little about. I thought I once overheard Mark say in conversation with Xavier that “Anthony was spoiled too.” Mark was cool with me. His personality was goofy and he was definitely a comedian. When I came around the other guys, barely nodded to acknowledge my presence. I figured they could give or care less, who I was. Mark always joked around with me winking and waving, which always caused X to punch him in the shoulder, and say “Aye, man that’s my girl!” Which I in turn, smiled and we laughed together about.

Every time I would see Xavier and his crew on campus, Mark is always be talking to some girl while Xavier tags along behind him.

Sitting and listening to all these professors, administrators and upper classmen talk for hours and hours in orientation was exhaustingly boring. All I was looking forward to right now was the end of the week there was supposed to be a party. I hadn’t heard or seen much of Xavier except in passing this week.  It was Thursday night already. I had been calling his room most nights and getting no answer. When I’d call his cell, he would say, “I’ll hit you back in a minute.” Which wasn’t happening.

I was trying to play it cool though. We had been so close our last semester of high school and over the summer months. Talking almost every night, sometimes just sitting on my back porch and talking, until midnight or I had to come inside. I was starting to have flashback scenes of “Love and Basketball” flow through my mind. I fantasized that things would be different this time. I mean this was only the second time we had broken up and started dating again.