5 Reasons I Empathized with Chadwick

It shocked the world (and me) when just a little bit over 2 weeks ago, we found out that actor Chadwick Boseman had passed on due to Colon cancer. It made headlines also because seemingly nobody knew, but his closest family and friends. No one leaked it to the media while he was alive. TheContinue reading “5 Reasons I Empathized with Chadwick”

Season 3 of “The Chi” = FAIL

WARNING: Major spoiler alerts ahead…If you have not watched the show. You may not want to read this! There are few shows that I follow along with every season. There’s a little show on Showtime called “The Chi” that came out in 2018. It has been one that I started watching from the very beginning.Continue reading “Season 3 of “The Chi” = FAIL”

“Overwhelmed”: A Blog About What’s Going On In The World

By feeling overwhelmed, it means the person is given ‘too much of something’. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed by emotion, and yes this can be a positive or negative experience, depending on the emotion. I don’t usually post or write about what’s going on in the news or topics of this sort. Particularly because it sparks debate. For the main part, I don’tContinue reading ““Overwhelmed”: A Blog About What’s Going On In The World”

Instagram Live Battles

There have been few things I have truly enjoyed about this pandemic, quarentin-ing, stay-at-home thing. What I have found most enlightening and joyous has been these Instagram Live Battles between artists and when my favorite artist goes “Live”. Now I have missed quite a few of these major ones like the first and second attemptsContinue reading “Instagram Live Battles”