The Power of Keeping A Prayer Journal

The Power of Keeping A Prayer Journal


I am no stranger to journaling…

I have been keeping a regular journal or diary of some sort since was about 6 or 7. I think I have kept probably almost every journal or diary I have ever had, so yeah I love  journaling (I’ll write another post soon on why I love it so much and the benefits)!

Every now and then I get a bit nostalgic and like to look back and see what it was I was talking about in middle school or high school in my journals. I even browse through the ones from a couple years ago sometime.

Along with my love for writing stories, I think journaling just came naturally. Not to mention me and my obsession with pens and paper.

Most recently, I found a prayer journal I started back in June 2013.

I got the idea to start one from my women’s bible study leader. She would have us write our prayer requests down at the end of the meeting on note cards and put them in a box, so she could pray for us during the week on those specific things.

I started out doing the same at home. I bought a little box from the dollar store and wrote down my prayer request on note cards and stuck them in this little box when I was finished praying. But then, I came to the conclusion that for me, I sometimes wanted to write down my prayers maybe while taking my lunch break, instead of waiting until I got home that night. So I got me a small notebook I could just slip in my purse and started my first prayer journal.

I happened to pick it back up here recently and start writing my prayers down again. I do still actually say them during my nightly time to pray and even in the morning, but I guess I use the prayer journal more for documentation also.

Yesterday while I was at church ( I sometimes use my prayer journal to record notes from the pastors message during service) I came across the very first passage I had written in this prayer journal. I looked at the date and then I thought back…

What was happening in my life during June 2013?

Oh yeah, I had just found out I was pregnant with my son who is now almost 4.

This pregnancy was extra special for so many reasons!

My husband and I had gone through 3 very difficult miscarriages and never had a problem getting pregnant…until we actually tried to. We were so happy when I found out I was pregnant again, but so nervous. Everything with that pregnancy started out going really well and then BOOM I ended up on bed-rest for 3 1/2 months in the hospital.

As I continued to thumb through there, I saw more prayer requests I had written down and more prayers that have been answered not only for myself, but for others.


I had been writing in it off and on since 2013.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes don’t remember what I prayed about 4 years ago. But for me it’s so powerful, especially when you’re down and feeling discouraged or doubtful, to look back and see how the Lord has blessed you or your friend or your family member.

To be completely honest, my prayer life wavers back and forth sometimes but this little book served as a re-reminder how good God is and has been!


Do you journal on a regular or keep a prayer journal? Do you think it’s something worth trying? Comment below!


Until next time…

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Keeping A Prayer Journal

  1. I have been keeping prayer journals for quite a few years. At the end of each year, I look back to remember my many blessings, to measure my spiritual growth I love it

    1. Isn’t it amazing to see the growth and the blessings! Every time I read mine and reflect back I am in total awe. Thanks for you comment and thanks for reading my post!

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