Why Drama?

Why Drama-

The title of my debut novel is Drama University.

Some of the drama that the main character Melody experiences is avoidable and some isn’t.

The title of the book was actually mulled over for years.

The main character is in a few different sticky situations and has some things happen to her that were well…drama filled.

I can relate to my character Melody, I too have experienced some un-needed, probably could-have-been-avoided-in-the-first-place drama. Then there’s always that which you perhaps didn’t even see coming.

But if life were that cut and dry and we could avoid everything adverse, nothing would be worth it.

I’m not saying you don’t NEED drama in your life at all. In fact, I believe a little bit of drama or adversity builds character. But, I’m talking about that blood pressure raising, un-needed, unnecessary type of drama that just gives you a headache, girl. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid drama at all cost now days. You know why?

Drama spells out negative energy! I like to stay as far away from negative energy as possible.

I do this by avoiding those types of people, who are opposite of me and just really love drama. They need it. They have to have it. If they don’t, they go crazy.

Sorry not sorry, I myself am not here for it and don’t have time.

When I think of drama now days, I think of a type of TV or movie show I like to watch. I like to watch it, but I don’t want to be involved in it.

Oftentimes we can see it coming down the road and that ladies is when we probably should just get off that road and make a U-turn to go back the other direction.

What do you think about drama? Do you like it? Do you avoid it?

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-Nicole Alicia


“Drama University”: The Backstory

My Debut Novel -Drama University-- The Backstory

I’ve been working on this novel for about 10 years now.

That’s a long time!

Yes, I know!

The story behind this novel is simple. I discovered I really loved to write and others liked to read my writing back in college in 2005. I had been going to school for Computer Science initially and ended up changing my degree to Business Administration a year into it.

Once I was about a junior, I discovered that, hey maybe I should go for an English degree or Journalism instead. Unfortunately, it would have taken me another year to complete a degree if I switched and I just didn’t have the patience or money to change majors.

So about a year after graduation, I got the idea to start writing a novel. I had written short stories and poetry mostly before and that. I was reminiscing about some of the crazy times I had in college with one of my friends one day. He suggested that maybe I should write a book. At first I frowned at the idea. I couldn’t picture myself writing a memoir of some sort.

I figured I let the idea simmer and think on it. So I started writing in a journal initially and then moved to a notebook. I started writing first about a character who I thought about who went through a series of events and difficult relationships while in college. I then wrote about my antagonist and started an outline from there.

I worked 8 hours a day then at another company. I would come home and write before bed. Sometimes if I got up earlier, I would write before I had to be at work at 8 am.

Being a part-time writer, I also had my own blog since 2007. I took about 5 years to write the entire manuscript. I have done at least 5 self-edits on this book alone to get it to sound how I wanted it.

A lot of people have asked me, “Is this the same book you started writing a long time ago?” to which I explain yes. During the last 10 years I have had a ton of life changes that occurred. I got married, suffered 5 miscarriages, had a child and changed jobs 3 different times.

The idea of becoming a full fledged writer wasn’t even a thought, when I became a college graduate in 2006.

I am glad this friend planted this little seed in my mind, and I ended up using it to write what is my debut novel, “Drama University”.

I pray you like it.

It’s been in the making a long time!

Read Novel Excerpt #1 & Novel Excerpt #2 from “Drama University”!

Friday I’ll be revealing the cover for the book.

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-Nicole Alicia