Married at Twenty-Four: Part 3

  So… if you read the last post, “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 2” you know that I gave my then husband to be (although I didn’t know it then of course), a second chance and the rest is history. I’d like to run down a few things for y’all real quick though so you don’tContinue reading “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 3”

Married at Twenty-Four: Part 2

So picking back up from my last post, “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 1” I had received a message from a guy I had went to middle and high school with. We were faint acquaintances in school and had once attempted to date, but it never happened. He was a total jock and popular in school. I wasContinue reading “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 2”

Married at Twenty-Four: Part 1

February is the month of so many celebrations… It’s Black History month, Valentine’s Day and Ground Hog Day. I’m not gonna write about Ground Hog Day though, for obvious reasons. LOL! But this month, I would like to cover topics pertaining to love, marriage and relationships. So to kick off my posts for the month,Continue reading “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 1”