Married at Twenty-Four: Part 2

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So picking back up from my last post, “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 1” I had received a message from a guy I had went to middle and high school with. We were faint acquaintances in school and had once attempted to date, but it never happened. He was a total jock and popular in school. I was honor roll student, who played tennis and was a very devoted band student who sand in the choir at church. Two total opposites.

So in December 2006, when I accepted his email request to meet up (he could have used myspace, but I have no idea why he didn’t) I was skeptical. but so needed to get out of the house and step away from my boring routine of job searching.

After the lunch meet-up (this was not a date). A about I think it was a week later, he called to see what I was up to and if I wanted to go out for drinks that Friday.

It was now January and since graduating I had only been on only 3 interviews, out of the hundreds of resume’s I had been sending. I was just exhausted!

Drinking sounded like a spectacular idea!

He offered to pick me up, soooo it was a DATE!

After a major break-up from my long time boyfriend, followed by a series of crappy relationships in College, I was still not wanting anything serious. I mean I had told myself

I wasn’t going to do this whole dating thing, right?


But, I found myself kind of infatuated that this fine guy I had, had a crush on in middle school wanted to date me. After that night, I saw the beginning of a budding friendship! Which was alright with me.

Fast forward to February 13th, 2007.

He had sweetly asked me to be his Valentine and asked me to dinner and a movie on the 14th. I was on my lunch break at work when I saw his name cross my caller id. Ecstatic that he called on my lunch break (we started talking on lunch breaks), I picked up the phone and the conversation went something like this.

Me: “Hello”

Him: “Hey, can you talk? I have some bad news.”

Me: “Okkkaaay? What?”

Him: “My ex-girlfriend is pregnant and I think it might be mine.”

(S***tiest phone convo I know, right?)

Me: “Come again?! You said, you weren’t with her anymore. How did this?

Him: “I had no idea, but I think we should cancel tomorrow.”

Me: ****End Call**** (Yes, I hung up!)

giphy-downsized (5).gif

Pissed off was not even the word, girl!

I had decided to open my heart back up, juuuussst a little and here it was getting stomped on again. I couldn’t believe it!

I had bought him a single gift for Valentine’s Day, of these Lindor Chocolates that he said he really loved. I thought about trashing them but ended up giving them to my Dad to eat. Sadly this hadn’t been the crappiest Valentine’s Day I had thus far in all of dating. (I’ll have to write a post on the #1 crappiest Valentine’s Day!)

Fast forward to May 2007.

After that phone call, not only had I received several voicemails from him. I had been sent flowers also by him which I threw in the trash. He sent me a message to let me know she had lied and blah, blah, blah. I just wasn’t trying to hear it. Not to mention, I had made the mistake of venting to my folks about the whole incident so not only had I put him on Nicole Alicia’s s***t list, they had also (my parent’s opinion/discernment on whom I dated meant alot! They often saw stuff I didn’t and I thank them for that.)

I had been seeing another guy I met at a club (here’s were I should have just left him alone) for only a month or so, and he was supposed to meet me at a local restaurant for dinner. I got there before him and got a table, after 30 minutes I messaged him and got no response so I called and got no response.

Long story short, this a**hole stood me up!

So, after being borderline harassed with 2 or 3 phone calls from my soon to be husband, I gave in (yes, ladies I was caught at a weak point) I was sitting at a restaurant by myself and was thinking about how I had jacked up in other relationships and someone gave me a second chance. I kept thinking maybe I should hear him out…

So I picked up the phone and hit the recall button on my latest voicemail from him…

Want to know what happens next?

Stick around for Part 3 on Friday!

Until next time…

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