What I’m Reading Lately

It’s the beginning of a new year, so I like to start over fresh with a new reading list. Last year was a bit challenging and I didn’t get to read very many books. I was sick for the first three months of 2021 and then we decided to sell our house and move duringContinue reading “What I’m Reading Lately”


When God Leads You Somewhere Else

I started off this year with this idea for my second fiction novel. I had been setting goals and deadlines for myself, as all good writers do. I plotted and tied. Then I wrote. Then researched. I got to the end of the first four chapters and just couldn’t go any further. Something just wasn’tContinue reading “When God Leads You Somewhere Else”

“Drama University”: The Backstory

I’ve been working on this novel for about 10 years now. That’s a long time! Yes, I know! The story behind this novel is simple. I discovered I really loved to write and others liked to read my writing back in college in 2005. I had been going to school for Computer Science initially andContinue reading ““Drama University”: The Backstory”

My Summer Read: The Help

  I think by now everyone has seen the movie adaptation of the book,”The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. This Summer, though I decided to tackle reading all 400 some odd pages of the book. ¬†When I first picked this book up, I thought, “oh, shoot this thing is thick! It’s gonna take me awhile toContinue reading “My Summer Read: The Help”