What I’m Reading Lately

It’s the beginning of a new year, so I like to start over fresh with a new reading list. Last year was a bit challenging and I didn’t get to read very many books. I was sick for the first three months of 2021 and then we decided to sell our house and move during the crazy housing market boom last year. I found very little time to myself and most of it was a blur. So at the end of 2021, when things sort of calmed down, I said lemme get back to what I love. So let’s get into it…

Prayer journal for women: 52 week scripture, devotional and guided prayer journal

Prayer Journal

I am very spiritual and my walk with the Lord is so important to me. I try to practice praying on the regular and talking to God is a must. Plus, I love journaling! So I got this Prayer journal to kind of help facilitate that. Since Covid hit in March 2020, I have not been back to church yet. I still attend online service on Sundays and I am doing my best to try to stay connected you know? Here’s what it looks like on the inside…

Inside of Prayer journal

Harlem Shuffle By Colson Whitehead

Gotta keep a good fiction novel going at all times. This is the latest one from Colson Whitehead. He has I think 3 other books. I read his other novel “Underground Railroad” which was good so I decided to get his latest one. I am about 9 chapters in already and found it to be a pretty good read. I even got the audiobook on Audible so when I am too busy to actually sit down and read it, I can continue the story.

This year I will… By Tiffany Louise

This year I will…

Now honestly, I did get this one at the beginning of 2021 and just really didn’t get to use it. It’s along the line of a journal as well. It kind of has writing prompts to help you discover and plan what you want to do for the year. I like books that help me really sit down and plan my thoughts, if that makes any sense. I’ll definitely be using this one this year as I get back into writing and doing my shops on Etsy. It’s always good to see your thoughts on paper.

Scene & Structure By Jack Bickham

This book I don’t remember who recommended it, but it was one of the writers I follow I think on one of these social media platforms. I am currently working on my next work of fiction (a novella or novel, not sure which yet) and thought this might be a good reference book. As a writer, we can always use direction or a slight refresher course.

Bible in 52 Weeks By Dr. Kimberly D. Moore

the Bible in 52 weeks

Here’s another one I got to help with my spiritual walk. I really wanted to delve more into the word this year. Again, I have so many ventures planned, but without God where would I be? So this takes you straight through the Bible and kind of gives you some insight and encouragement along the way. I have never read straight through the Bible before from start to finish, so this should be an interesting journey.

Life Interrupted By Pricilla Shirer

I got this book from my mom for Christmas. It definitely sounds like a book I need! It says navigating the unexpected. Well, I think that sums up my life here in the last 5 years, LOL. I can’t wait to dive into this one. I have listened to several of her sermons on YouTube before. She’s phenomenal when it comes to preaching the word of God!

The Self-Care Planner By Meera Lester

Self-care is always important

I picked this one up at 5 and below off their book table. I, like most busy moms some time struggle with self-care. I am improving on self-care again by going to get my hair and nails done again at the bare minimum. Also what had been laid to the way side, again with this nasty Corona virus hitting and me not having to get out and go anywhere, I became very lazy with my hair and such. So this one helps me stay on track with that.

inside of self-care planner

All the other books mostly came from Amazon, except the one my mom got me from Pricilla Shirer that one came from Thrift Books online.

So as you can see, I’ve got books on deck for at least the first quarter of this year. Depending on how much I stay on track with reading consistently, I might have another book list for you by Spring. Y’all take care and let me know what you think in the comments!

Until next time…


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