Character Interview of Melody T. from the Novel “Drama University”

My debut Novel “Drama University”¬†released in late 2017 is about Melody Thomas,¬† a girl that has some obstacles and handsome distractions she has to conquer. Since she’s the main character of my book, I thought I’d introduce you to her. Here’s an interview I had with Melody back in 2005. Nicole Alicia: So how areContinue reading “Character Interview of Melody T. from the Novel “Drama University””

Friendship Is…

Hard. Interesting. Fun. Exciting. Tough. “Friends? How many of us have them?” A question posed by one of my favorite old school rap groups Whodini. TLC asked, “What about your friends?” These are such interesting questions. But for real, there is a common theme you will see through out my debut novel Drama University. IContinue reading “Friendship Is…”

4 Ways I Use Pinterest As A Writer

When I first discovered this App over 6 years ago, I thought “oh wow, what a cool way to save outfit ideas”. As I used it more and more, I began to discover that this was way more than a cool way to save fashion ideas, favorite hairstyles and keep track of all the thingsContinue reading “4 Ways I Use Pinterest As A Writer”