Character Interview of Melody T. from the Novel “Drama University”

Character Interview of Melody T. from the Novel _Drama University_

My debut Novel “Drama University” released in late 2017 is about Melody Thomas,  a girl that has some obstacles and handsome distractions she has to conquer. Since she’s the main character of my book, I thought I’d introduce you to her.

Here’s an interview I had with Melody back in 2005.

Nicole Alicia: So how are you today? Thank you for doing the interview…

Melody T.: Oh no problem…I had sometime in between classes so yeah…

Nicole Alicia: So describe your personality for the people who are wanting to know who is Melody T.

Melody T.: Let see that’s a hard one…I’m really just a regular girl from Kansas City, Missouri. I’m really a rather shy and private person, I don’t like confrontation or drama. College has been a total eye opener into what I like about myself and don’t. Also what I want in a guy and don’t want. I’m looking for true love just like every girl here on campus. You know like the kind of love Sanaa and Omar Epps had on “Love and Basketball” or Nia Long and Larenz Tate in “Love Jones”. I like to have fun…ALOT. I’m discovering here just recently maybe a little too much fun isn’t good, ya know? I’m still learning myself…it’s a journey.

Nicole Alicia: Let’s get right into the “drama” then…what  really went wrong between you and Xavier? Y’all seemed like y’all were good there for a moment and then…

Melody T.: Neither of us wanted to tell the truth. Trust and honesty is what we should have been relying on and that just wasn’t there…on either of our behalves. We were just two kids so in love we couldn’t even see straight.

Nicole Alicia: Do you ever talk to him anymore?

Melody T.: I see him at parties sometime. We’re still cordial, but that’s about it.

Nicole Alicia: That’s nice though, I’m not sure I could have been nice. I’d probably have straight ignored his existence girl.

Melody T.: Yeah, it’s hard we had so much history together…if  I could avoid him all together it would be great, but that’s life though.

Nicole Alicia: Yes girl, I understand. So what about the others…Cam, Anthony and …

Melody T.: Look… you know that’s a long, long story…I’m not sure we even have time…

Nicole Alicia: LOL Ok girl, I see. So that leads me to my next question…were you happy when Kianna dropped out? I mean y’all seemed like y’all were best friends even like sisters. That was scandalous what happened between y’all, I feel for you girl!

Melody T.: *Sigh* I had so many mixed feeling over what happened ya know? I felt betrayed and I felt happy, but then some how responsible. I don’t know, that one I still haven’t figured out. But that’s a lesson learned ladies don’t let ya man get too close to your girlfriends, LOL!

Nicole Alicia: Do you ever think you’ll ever get back with Xavier or is it really truly over?

Melody T.: So over! Nah. Once I can’t trust you, I’m done. He crossed so many lines I lost count. I can’t even trust him as a friend now. We’re done. 

Nicole Alicia: That’s good to hear. So here’s a quirky question…what’s your favorite snack? Everybody has to have their favorite study snacks so what’s yours?

Melody T.: Mine…hmm…lemme see I love, love, love Sour Patch Kids and Popcorn. Oooh and also I kill a lot of Rice Crispie Treats their my favorite!

Nicole Alicia: Ok, ok I feel you on that…I love Twizzlers and Kettle Corn though myself. Well thanks for the interview…I know you probably have to run to your next class…

Melody T.: *Looks down at her phone* Yeah it’s time for me to run, but good talking to you!

You can get to know more about Melody in the novel, “Drama University” by yours truly Nicole Alicia.

Until next time…

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Friendship Is…

Friendship Is...

Hard. Interesting. Fun. Exciting. Tough.

“Friends? How many of us have them?”

A question posed by one of my favorite old school rap groups Whodini.

TLC asked, “What about your friends?”

These are such interesting questions.

But for real, there is a common theme you will see through out my debut novel Drama University. I loved school! Not all for the academics, though. I mean I was interested in certain subjects, but really school was about the social aspect for me.

I woke up excited thinking about what my friends and I were gonna do that day, when we went to play outside at daycare or at school. Later on in high school, it was really about friends. I have always been shy. I am just now realizing I am and have always been a bit socially awkward.

Social situations often make me nervous.

Even if it’s people I’ve known for years.

I’m an introvert at heart and really am just now coming out of my shell. Just a bit…

Many times in my writing, I write story lines dealing with friends or friendships among different types of characters.

Now days, as an young woman in her 30’s I find it  hard to connect sometimes.

I mean I’ve been out of school for almost 10 years and high school coming up on 16 years, I think it is. I only have one friend I have stayed in consistent contact with since middle school.

School provides a very unique setting where you’re around your peers all day long, all the time mostly. In life as an adult your not constantly surround by your friends. People have jobs and kids and a million other responsibilities and sometimes it’s just down right hard.

I love creating, dissecting and looking into my characters lives and structuring how they interact. I think it’s important to bring to the forefront the good and bad aspects of female friendships. As girls/young women I believe we often share something sacred and special.

Friendships have always been a struggle for me and I’m just now examining why in my 30’s. I have found that I am quick to cut people off and I’m working on that.

We all need that one true person to go through life with!

How do you see most friendships about girls/women written in literature today? What do you think about the portrail of friendship in novels? Do you have a favorite duo?

Comment below!

Until next time…have a blessed weekend!

-Nicole Alicia


4 Ways I Use Pinterest As A Writer

4 Ways I Use Pinterest As A Writer

When I first discovered this App over 6 years ago, I thought “oh wow, what a cool way to save outfit ideas”. As I used it more and more, I began to discover that this was way more than a cool way to save fashion ideas, favorite hairstyles and keep track of all the things I wanted to buy.

As a writer, I’ve used Pinterest as a tool to keep track of inspiring quotes from other writers, as well as to learn how to automate social media posts and further my knowledge of the publishing and literary industry.

I’d like to share with you 5 Ways I Use Pinterest As A Writer:

  1. Find great writing prompts– As most great writers all do, I also get stuck sometimes. I get to a spot where I can’t figure out what to write about or just on the spur of the moment want to write and start from a cool unknown place I haven’t explored before. This is when I turn to writer Toni Adeyemi’s board on Pinterest. She has some of the best writing prompts that seem to get my creative juices flowing!
  2. Find some encouraging words for a writer like myself– I get down on myself. A lot! I often question myself as a writer. Like what if no one cares about what I write? I find myself thinking what I’ve written is garbage (before editing sometimes it can be). As writers,  we can loose confidence and steam and need a little push or a reminder that even the great Toni Morrison or Terri McMillan started somewhere. I saved many of my inspiring quotes from writers to my, “I write” board on Pinterest!
  3. Find information on how to do something– There are some great writers sharing information on Pinterest! I’ve found several like Rachel Giesel, BrigidGallagher and Kristen at They share valuable information on anything from how to be a effective writer, how to write a novel and how to edit effectively. I love, love that Pinterest isn’t just for pretty pictures and recipes but also that you can learn so much.
  4. Using portraits for characterization– Often times, I want to write a new character into a story. Often times I already have a visual of what this characters features are in my head or their characteristics. Sometimes I don’t. That’s when Pinterest comes in as a great tool to maybe find a picture of someone you’d like to use in your story. Often times a visual can help you better describe verbally in your story.

Hopefully if you didn’t already have a good idea of what to use Pinterest for as a writer, you do now!

As you can tell I love, love Pinterest! It’s such an excellent tool and has helped me advance in my writing career.

Come back Thursday for the last post in the College 101 series…

-Nicole Alicia