Waiting For The Perfect Moment

  As I am writing, my guys are taking a late nap at 5pm on a Saturday eve. My husband has had a pretty long week and so have I. My son, is sick....again for the 3rd time in the last 2 months!These up and down temperatures of our mid-western Fall weather do him in... Continue Reading →

When God Leads You Somewhere Else

I started off this year with this idea for my second fiction novel. I had been setting goals and deadlines for myself, as all good writers do. I plotted and tied. Then I wrote. Then researched. I got to the end of the first four chapters and just couldn't go any further. Something just wasn't... Continue Reading →

What To Write

As Fiction writers, we usually have ton's of story ideas. I know I do. Sometimes I have trouble focusing on just one story at a time. Has this ever happened to you? I was set on writing my second Novel and I still am...but lately I've been writing something else on the side. A non-fictional... Continue Reading →

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