When God Leads You Somewhere Else

I started off this year with this idea for my second fiction novel. I had been setting goals and deadlines for myself, as all good writers do. I plotted and tied. Then I wrote. Then researched. I got to the end of the first four chapters and just couldn’t go any further. Something just wasn’tContinue reading “When God Leads You Somewhere Else”

February Wrap-Up

Hey! So this month has been quite an eventful one news wise… Personally, I’m exhausted trying to keep up with it all. I mean were already 3 months into 2018 and stuff just seems to be getting crazier and crazier out there doesn’t it. Almost nothing makes sense anymore when I hear the news. ButContinue reading “February Wrap-Up”

Top 5 Authors I Follow on Twitter

I love twitter! More than ever, I enjoy following and interacting on social media. It can be very inspirational and helpful to connect with other writers. Many different authors that I admire, were very successful last year. Here are just 5 I follow… 1. Nic Stone (@getnicced)-In 2017, she released her debut novel that didContinue reading “Top 5 Authors I Follow on Twitter”

What To Do When Starting A New Novel: My Process

  There’s nothing like starting¬† a brand new book! For me, I get excited to dive into a new book. As a writer, I feel that same way! When I started working on my debut novel, “Drama University” that I released last year, no lie it took me quite awhile to write and publish. (AContinue reading “What To Do When Starting A New Novel: My Process”

Writing Inspiration: Music

First off let me say that I love MUSIC! I am a fan of many different genres and artists. I can mostly thank my Dad for my musical influence. That is one of the many things we have in common. At a young age I was introduced to soul and funk music of the 70’s,Continue reading “Writing Inspiration: Music”