Writing Inspiration: Music

Writing Inspiration_ Music

First off let me say that I love MUSIC!

I am a fan of many different genres and artists. I can mostly thank my Dad for my musical influence. That is one of the many things we have in common. At a young age I was introduced to soul and funk music of the 70’s, not to mention one of the best bands of the 80’s Zap and a music innovator by the name of Roger Troutman. Some how listening to these funky tunes at an early age stuck with me.

It became a love affair. The same albums my Mom and Dad had in their collection, I now find myself collecting (I could go on about this forever, but I’ll save the rest for another post).

Music sparks my creative juices!

When I write, I have to have it. It’s weird because if I’m reading or when I was in school I could not do homework with TV or music on. However, when I’m writing if I don’t have it, it throws me off entirely. (Does anyone else write in silence? I can’t do it!)

What do I listen to when I write you ask?

“There is no formula, rhyme or reason really.”

I do think it may be tied to my mood at the time though. Also, it’s depending on what I’m writing. But then sometimes it’s not. Sometimes, if I’m writing in a coffee house I just really need the music on for background music because the music there either sucks or their isn’t any.

When I was working on my first novel “Drama University”, I wrote to mainly Hip Hop and R&B of the early 2000’s. It was a mood setter for me. I made a playlist for myself on Spotify even.

“I was born in the 80’s and am a fan of 90’s R&B. I love a good playlist that includes TLC, D’Angelo and Aaliyah.”

I think we all gain inspiration as writers from different places, different people.

Music is just one of my inspirations.

Click [HERE] to follow me on Spotify to see what other songs that kind of motivate me to write and inspire me  to do my thing, which is WRITE!

Until next time….

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Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri. You can find her debut novel "Drama University" on Amazon.com!

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