Netflix “Rapture” Series Review

Netflix _Rapture_ Series Review

I don’t get to binge on Netflix very often, but this weekend I able to.

I love watching bio’s and docuseries.

Specifically musicians, really. This one was a great series, because it was done on some of my favorite rap artists.

Not only that I was also enlighten on some artists I was familiar with their story like Dave East and Nas. But, then they also told so wasn’t very familiar with like A Boogie with the Hoodie, G-Easy and Logic.

I guess the reason I find artists lives so interesting, is that I am an artist myself.

Looking into someone else’s life and seeing how they do things and what they’re work ethic is make me want to pick up what I’m doing and take it even further.

The consistent line throughout this entire series with every artist is “love”,  “passion”,”ambition”, “drive” and their mothers and/or parents.

Speaking from experience, when you’ve lived in poverty, it’s something in you that tells you, you can do whatever you want if you just work hard.

It’s really something to see someone who came from such unfavorable circumstances,  be able to pursue their dreams.

Have you watched any of the series? What did you think?

Until next time…

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