Season 3 of “The Chi” = FAIL

WARNING: Major spoiler alerts ahead…If you have not watched the show. You may not want to read this!

There are few shows that I follow along with every season. There’s a little show on Showtime called “The Chi” that came out in 2018. It has been one that I started watching from the very beginning. This past Sunday was the season finale of Season 3.

I read an article about Lena Waithe, the shows creator, in a magazine some years ago and was inspired by her story as a writer. I was excited to watch the show.

In the beginning, I enjoyed the feel of the show, it was nice to see some fresh and unfamiliar faces. I liked how it was written. The characters story lines seemed to all of it fit together like a puzzle.

However, at the end of Season 2, it was announced that two of the characters in the story line wouldn’t be coming back due a sexual harassment scandal. I did wonder where was the story going from there without these characters? Then I found out that a 3rd character, Reg played by (Barton Fitzpatrick) wasn’t coming back, but they basically ended his part at the end of season 2 though.

Season 3 was “ok”.

It mainly focused on the character Keisha, a high school track star who is a little “fast” in other aspects of life as well. Kevin and Keisha’s mom got married to Dre, Keisha although apprehensive had planned to go off to College. But then things take a turn when Keisha goes missing.

Ok, but hold up!

Here in episode 1 is where the problems begin. The character Brandon dies. But there is no explanation as to what really happened. We know from the previous season he was basically in an entrapment situation with the character “Douda” but from there we kinda got left in the dark.

So episodes 2,3,4,5,6,7 they are looking for Keisha. They are giving clues as where she is. I’ll admit there were a couple of cliffhangers in there like when Ronnie spots a guy he knew from jail who was a sex offender and he runs at the vigil. Then there was when they found a body out by the river, but it wasn’t Keisha.

As a writer, I do have problems looking at shows. I tend to notice the plot holes or how stuff just doesn’t tie in correctly.

Overall I was disappointed in this season. Here’s my 5 reasons why:

  1. It was so predictable. I mean who wouldn’t have guessed Lala Anthony’s character “Dom” wasn’t going to hook up with her fellow co-worker “Emmett”? Knowing Emmett’s history we knew this was going to happen. As well as the guilted proposal to his baby mom to Tiff. Then Keisha ending up pregnant by her kidnapper/rapist?

2. Some storylines were confusing. I understand Ronnie was still in the mix to obtain redemption for him killing “Coogie” from Season 1, but to have him gunned down by a unknown assailant two seasons later was bizarre. Also this brother of Jake, played by Luke James just pops out of nowhere wanting custody of him. Other than Reg, before this there was no known history of another brother.

3. The random selection of stars was un-needed. All though I like all of them in their regular artistry, parts played by comedian Lil’ Rell, singer/songwriter Kandi Burress and an appearance from G-Herbo were all unnecessary. Also, then there’s the shows creator Lena’s part. I didn’t understand what she was trying to prove because oddly, already there is currently a black lesbian woman who is mayor of Chicago. Which left me wondering why did you write this part for yourself in the show you even in the show? What was the point?

4. Dragging storylines out. Dear writers room people on The Chi, was it necessary to have Keisha missing for nearly the entire Season? There are so many other great character lines you could have focused on.

5. Unanswered questions. What exactly did Jake and Trig give them at the campaign office. Why did she not use the info? And what exactly did Poppa’s dad do to get arrested? Why is Douda, Mr. Untouchable? Why was there no retaliation for Brandon’s death, Reg’s death? And where the heck did Brandon’s mom’s boyfriend go? He just disappeared off the show as well?

After this season, I’m not sure where my interest level is with this show anymore. Maybe what does Douda have planned for Trig and Jake? I don’t know.

If you watched, what were your thoughts on Season 3 of “The Chi”?

Until later…


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