Life On Dialysis

Having not written in sometime, the perfectionist in me said to wait until January 1st, 2022 to do a fresh start. Last year started off very rocky for me. It started with a short stay at the hospital for about a week, with a respiratory infection (or so doctors say). From there 2021 was justContinue reading “Life On Dialysis”

To Halloween or Not to Halloween?

Yes Covid is still here and many safe Trick or Treating options have risen. But this post isn’t about how ‘Rona ruined this holiday as well. This is about tradition in the sense of “celebration”. Most of us know the history of how “Halloween” came about in the US, so I’m not going to tellContinue reading “To Halloween or Not to Halloween?”

Born In The 80’s raised in the 90’s

Truly because of all of the horrible things that have occured in 2020, I just wanted to reminisce on a more innocent and happier time in life. I forgot how my husband and I got on this subject the other day, but it was so interesting to compare and contrast the times we are currentlyContinue reading “Born In The 80’s raised in the 90’s”