Born In The 80’s raised in the 90’s

Truly because of all of the horrible things that have occured in 2020, I just wanted to reminisce on a more innocent and happier time in life.

I forgot how my husband and I got on this subject the other day, but it was so interesting to compare and contrast the times we are currently living in versus when we were growing up in the 90’s.

Both my husband and myself were born a approximately a year apart in the 80’s.

Growing up in the 90’s in South Kansas City, Missouri wasn’t bad.

We both shared fond memories of going to places that were torn down or made into something else. I lived about 10 minutes away from school. McDonald’s after school was a treat. My Dad spoiled me by getting me snacks though, every time he went to the gas station up the hill from where we lived to get cigarettes. I loved Push-Pops, Cheetos and Dr. Pepper.

As a single child, I grew up in a two parent home. I felt safe. We lived in a fairly good sized 2 bedroom apartment. On the weekends, I spent a lot of time on 62nd & Elmwood, my grandmothers house. My grandparents just happened to live next door to grandfather’s sister.

My Great-Aunt and Uncle had a slew of grandchildren. Detrick and Raymond were about my age so we played together the most. They were way rougher than I, naturally because they were boys. They liked blowing up Ninja Turtles and He-Man figures, sticking fireworks in pop cans and bad-ass stuff like that. We played tag alot, but when they started doing bad stuff I just jumped the fence and went back to my Grandma’s next door.

My grandparents had a large backyard with two gardens, were my grandma grew grapes, squash, cabbage, green beans. I also had my own playset and a separate swing set which made up for not having my own backyard at home.

When I was with my grandparents, we almost always made a trip to the Mall. Bannister Mall was the place to go in the 80’s and 90’s in South Kansas City. Sometimes we ventured 20 minutes away to the now closed as well, Metcalf South Mall in Overland Park, Kansas.

I don’t live in the immediate area anymore, but do have to come to this side of town often to the doctors and for other things. It’s weird to see the area cleared out where a place you frequented is just a field now, with a fancy glass building in the middle of it (i.e. Cerner). So speaking of growing up in the 90’s, I thought I’d share some of the things we experience that now, as a parent now in 2020 are not ok LOL.

Here’s a few memories from childhood that you can’t do anymore or wouldn’t want to…

  1. We got left in the car– While our parents ran in Wal-Mart or K-Mart to shop. We played the radio way to loud, got in the drivers and pretended we were driving and stared at the people who passed the car who stared at us
  2. Ride bikes all around town-My husband used to ride his bike from almost the other side of town off 79th all the way to my neighborhood on 99th street (Mews Drive) which is now 97th no problems
  3. Your mom could come up to the school anytime– She observe your class or eat lunch with you no problem. Now you have to be buzzed into a school, Id’d but because of covid of course now none of this is allowed.
  4. Be left alone at home– As long as you were safe inside, your parents may have told you not to open the door or go outside for anyone or anything
  5. We could go to the toy section of the store– While our parents went and shopped, we browse and played with the toys and then realized we probably should go find them. Which then resulted us looking for our parents in the store….I had my mom paged many a time!

There’s so many more, I could go on and on.

What was your experience growing up?

Until next time…


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