The Realest Post I Ever Wrote

Life has been a busy blur these last 8 months. My son started school last Fall, my Dad started having health issues in October leaving my parents heavily dependent on me for transportation needs. Negative comments on my shop pages almost prompted me to quit selling Vintage all together (which is something I love) and... Continue Reading →

Be Your Own Fan Club

When I started writing, for some odd reason I thought I would have this cheering section. Like really... I assumed since I was blogging, automatically readers would come to my blog. The biggest misconception in all of this, was that I would have the full support of at least friends and family. This turned out to... Continue Reading →

Grow From It

It's easy to get stuck in life. Dating, work, parenting (if you're there), relationships and on and on! I've had some pretty crappy experiences in life. I could have easily just threw in the towel and said forget it. From break ups, bad dating experiences, loss of friends, miscarriages, layoffs, crappy jobs. So many bad... Continue Reading →

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