Flash Fiction Friday


I started to take the coat off, but was curious. I walked down a corridor that lead to two beautiful double mahogany doors with golden handles. Inside I could already hear music and someone speaking. Another older gentleman in a black suit stood on the other side of the door. He looked out the little 6 x 4 glass window panel and flashed 5 fingers. I looked around and there was a little family in back of be waiting also. A mother, a father and a little boy and girl.

The music stopped and I could see through the window everyone bow they head. I dropped mine as well. I listen intently for a few minutes until I heard, “Amen”. The the usher opened one side of door and let us walk in. A large room full of several pews a long isle led down to platform with a large mahogany podium in the middle and two smaller ones on each side. Back behind the pulpit a large choir stand. I just stood there. I heard a slight sound. “Pssst,” I heard from the middle isle. I glanced over and a woman, turned around in her seat motioning for me to come her way. I walked a head a few pews and entered the isle. I sat down, grabbing the sides of the coat as if I were cold.

“Sis, what took you so long?” the woman whispered. I shook my head. She whispered, “well you know Sista Smith still mad on account of what you said to her a couple Sundays ago.” I wasn’t sure how to respond. She just sat and stared at me. Then she tapped me on the leg.

“Well, I don’t know why she mad,” I whispered back. What on earth have I gotten in the middle of.

“Well why don’t you take that beautiful coat off of yours, they got it hot in here this morning for a change,” she said.

I didn’t want to take it off just yet. I wanted find out what I, well, the owner of this coat Sista Taylor said to Sista Smith.

I elbowed her a little, just to grab her attention. I leaned in as much as I could, “You mind tellin’ me what it is I said to Sista Smith,” I said as politely as I knew how. She glanced over with a look of confusion.

She begin to scribble something on the program that was sitting on top of her bible in her lap. “You know you told her that she could have Deacon Taylor, because he was a no good, low down you know what and she was too.”

I read the message over, twice. Seemed like Sista Taylor was a church lady, but she was in the midst of a mess. I shimmied my shoulders. I was done with this little movie. Maybe it was a good and bad thing she had gone on. Just as I was taking off the coat, the room started to shake and my head that terrible vibration again and there I was. Back in my bedroom. I closed my eyes and laid back on my bed for a minute and stared at the ceiling fan. I think I’m done with Estate Sales for a while.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed this little series. Let me know in the comments what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

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Published by Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri. You can find her debut novel "Drama University" on Amazon.com!

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