Flash Fiction Part 3

If I try to tell someone what happened, they would never believe it. I picked up the other coat and examined it. I stroked it feeling it’s softness again. I wanted to try this one on also, but I was scared. I stood there for a moment. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. I slipped the fur coat on and again the room began to shift, my head began to vibrate something horrible forcing me to close my eyes.

When I open my eyes I was standing outside of a brick building that looked familiar. A cold breeze wipes across my face causing me to grip my coat closed. Although the sun is shining it is a cold day. I feel something on my head. I reach up and feel fur on top my head as well. A fur hat maybe? I look down and I am dressed in a beautiful black and white knee length dress, with sling back patent leather kitten heals to match. I walk through the parking lot filled with cars and around the corner to the entrance of the building. I glance across the street to see a street sign that reads 14th and Truman Road. In the glass door I look to see a middle aged woman dressed with a brown fur hat, her hair done up in a bun and a fur coat on. I stop and move my hand back and forth. Is this me? I run my hand across her face. An older gentleman dressed in a black suit with a pin on his lapel comes to the door and opens it.

“Good morning Sista Taylor, ha you been?” he says. I squint my eyes and raise my eye brow. I shake the hand he has extended and stroll into the lobby of the place. I look around and I see a picture of Jesus on the cross ahead of me. To my right a big cement stair case leading to an upstairs, in front of me a dining hall of some sort. A small room to the left with padded benches with books on it.

“A church! What am I doing here?”


Published by Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri. You can find her debut novel "Drama University" on Amazon.com!

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