I Gave Up On Love…More Than Once

  In life we have choices… I mean isn’t that somewhat the point of it all? Some choices we make are good…others bad. Sometimes, we end up regretting a choice do we? Some of us ladies, have decided before to stay in a crappy relationship when you knew it wasn’t going anywhere. On the otherContinue reading “I Gave Up On Love…More Than Once”

Heartbreak Pt. 2

Heartbreak happens! It can end up making you bitter and resentful. Often times you feel like giving up. I’ve been there! Why love again? Why even put your heart out there if it’s going to keep getting stomped on, milly wopped, nae nae’d? (P.S.feel free to insert any other current dance move, LOL) These wereContinue reading “Heartbreak Pt. 2”

Heartbreak Sucks Pt. 1

Heartbreak is a hard one! You can experience heartbreak when you loose someone you love, when some one you really like doesn’t really feel the same and in the case of a good relationship gone sour. Just as young love is so fresh and new and clean and beautiful. Heartbreak is the total opposite. ItContinue reading “Heartbreak Sucks Pt. 1”