Heartbreak Sucks Pt. 1

Heartbreak Sucks Pt.1

Heartbreak is a hard one!

You can experience heartbreak when you loose someone you love, when some one you really like doesn’t really feel the same and in the case of a good relationship gone sour.

Just as young love is so fresh and new and clean and beautiful.

Heartbreak is the total opposite. It can be dirty, raw and down right ugly.

My main character Melody Thomas experiences some serious let downs and heartbreaks in my debut novel “Drama University” set to be released this fall.

Personally, I’ve experienced many different heartbreaks when it comes to dating and relationships. Bad news is, there’s no way of getting around it unfortunately when you’re out there dating though and even in relationships.

When I first had my heart broken by the first guy who I liked and he liked me back (I can’t really call him a boyfriend because back in middle school it was “we went together”). I was so confused. We went to school together and had a great time together this one summer. I mean I really liked this guy.  At the end of 8th grade he broke the news to me that his mom and him were moving and he would be going to a different school. He said he thought it would be best if we just be friends and break up.

So many emotions and thoughts were going through my little 12 year old head.

I thought he really liked me. Why breakup? Did I do something wrong?

 Even as I dated into my 20’s I had the same questions, LOL!

Experiencing your first heartbreak can be quite traumatic.

It can be sudden and most of the time you’re not even going to see it coming. You can try to prepare your heart and your mind for what may come and protect it best you can, but sometimes this is never enough.

As I said in my post last week Hey Young Love, sometimes young love can be the sweetest thing, but can end up turning sour so quickly.

The best way I found to deal with getting my heart break was to do a pity party. Have one, seriously! It’s okay! just don’t stay there. Grab that pint of ice cream, binge on Netflix, don’t come out the house for awhile. Most importantly take care of yourself!

But, after awhile sistah, you have to pick it up and keep moving! You’re way to gorgeous to let all that beauty go to waist moping around! Plus you’ve got things to do right!?

Do be careful about suffering multiple heartbreaks over and over, back to back. It can start to make you very numb.

I’ll stop here for now!

Come back Thursday for Heartbreak Suck Pt. 2 …

Until then, be good!

-Nicole Alicia



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