Burning Sands Review: A Introspective Look From A Frat Boy’s Girlfriend

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Earlier in the month my husband , tells me that he saw this movie on Netflix I might like called “Burning Sands”. Produced by Gerard McMurray, I knew this was going to be a good one. He was associate producer of the movie “Fruitvale Station”.  But when he told me what the title was, immediately I knew what the movie was probably about. No not hot sand in a desert, but rather “crossing” or becoming “Greek”.

No, I was not in a sorority in College but I wanted to pledge very badly (long story short the chapter at our school was banished because of hazing my sophomore year). My boyfriend decided to pledge a fraternity my Junior year. During the time he was “online” he shared with me his experience.

I was a typical girlfriend. I didn’t care for him pledging. A, it took away from OUR time together and B I felt like it would change him.

I told him if he was going to do it, just let me know what’s going on and I’ll try to support best as possible. He did. He shared with me the drinking, adventure, cruel, harshness, bruises, soreness, history of the fraternity he had to memorize and the I just got in at 3 am I’ll call you later today texts. He tried to come see me as often as possible being that he went to different schools in a different cities. Just like on the movie, we struggled to keep a relationship going but he did little sweet things for me when he could.

I didn’t attend an HBCU though I was very close to going to Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO. Actually, the College I attended Missouri Western State University is a relatively small University in St. Joseph, Missouri and a small town. It is predominately white institution but there were a good deal of black students when I attended. When I arrived in 2002, all of the black fraternity’s and sorority’s were active on campus. Unfortunately, two ended up being banned from campus because of hazing and I know one fraternity chapter was put on probation for hazing for a semester or two while I attended that school. So that kind of tells you how often it is that chapters of fraternity’s do get caught.

Unfortunately, the sorority I so wanted to join that my aunt had joined so many years ago (those ladies who wear 20 pearls) the chapter was banished. They even had a meeting to tell girls who were interested that if you wanted to pledge there wouldn’t be a chapter ever, ever again so forget it. I was crushed! But when I found out that they had made this girl drink until she got alcohol poisoning and had to go to the hospital. I was cool on that, plus my academics was way more important.

But it’s crazy that someone actually made a movie about this aspect of life most know nothing of. I mean the movie was so accurate though right down to the ugly doo-doo faces they made while responding to “big brother” whoever.

When my ex said he was going to pledge this certain Fraternity I knew I was in for it. I had witnessed a friend be online years prior and he just disappeared for an entire semester. I mean you didn’t see him hardly during the daytime and if you did, he was moving fast and by himself. Then when you did see him at night he was in a hoodie. And my ex did the same. Every time I seen him. If I did see him, he was in a hoodie!

By the way the hoodie thing guys is a TOTAL give away! LOL

I liked the backstory though of the movie. The ending was very real! You have heard of this happening so many times before. Someone drinking them self during a hazing ritual or suffering serious injury while being flogged.

I understand the explanation that it creates “brotherhood”. But you never know when someone could go too far like on the movie and like so many situations that have happened in real life and actually kill someones poor child for some letters.

I know hazing is not going to end magically overnight, but I hope because of this movie black fraternity’s and sorority’s seriously self-examine before it’s too late. Like Lawrence Fishburn said at the end of one of my favorite movies, “Waaaaakeee Upppp”!

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