10 Things I Love About Spring


Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. I like Fall and particularly hate Winter. It’s so nice when the trees and grass are returning to that lovely green color. Trees in our neighborhood bloom white or purple and they make the block look simply stunning. But I love that cold Winter air has left (for the most part) and warmer days are ahead. So I decided to make a list of 10 Things I Love About Spring…here we go:

  1. Walking through your neighborhood or the park without a bulky coat-I like outside just not with the extra stuff you have to put on all weather. It gets me down after awhile!
  2. It’s Ice Cream/ Popsicle Season-I’m a little kid at heart and love to sit outside when it’s hot and devour a cool treat. Don’t you?
  3. The beautiful trees budding and beautiful flowers- I have a pretty tree in my front yard that blooms purple each year.
  4. Rain- I don’t like to be in it or drive in it but oh how I love to watch it from inside! There’s something soothing and poetic about it for me.
  5. Snow is gone- well around here in the greater Kansas City area you never know what you’re gonna get from day to day but we think it’s pretty much gone for now 🙂
  6. It’s the precursor for Summer- I don’t like extreme temps, but I look forward to Summer every year now since I’ve been a mom. My son loves water and it’s a joy to see him in the pool.
  7. May is Mother’s Day and my wedding Anniversary month-Mother’s Day is so very special for me seeing as that I had such difficulty getting and staying pregnant. Oh yeah and my wedding anniversary, that’s pretty special as well!
  8. Being able to put on a little dress again- I love wearing dresses. However, I don’t like wearing dresses in cold weather. I like to be comfortable and warm weather makes me feel way more confident in a cute little dress.
  9. Opening up the windows in my home – Not only to I love being able to hear the birds singing outside, but I like to air out the place from time to time and not worry about catching a chill.
  10. It’s Spring-enough said!

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