4 Ways To Cope With A Chronic Illness

4 Ways To Cope With A Chronic Illness

In my previous post, “Life’s Unpleasant Surprise” I shared that I last fall I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. I am not writing about this to get sympathy but rather to inform others that no one is exempt. I think as young people we assume were invincible and that if we take relatively good care of ourselves nothing will ever go happen. Unfortunately I doesn’t always work that way.

No one want to be told that they have something incurable or that they have a potential fatal condition. No one!

Chronic Kidney Diseases can be hereditary, it can be caused by other conditions like diabetes but the type of Kidney Disease I have it wasn’t caused by either one. My doctor presumes it’s tied to pregnancy but that is still yet to be proven. The unanswered end of this still bothers me but I deal.

By looking at me, I look healthy. But that’s thing about this disease it’s a silent killer because most don’t know they have it until they go for a physical or become pregnant like I was.

Knowing this diagnosis for the last 6 months, I’m learning to accept my condition and press forward with getting on the transplant list and following my diet (which is such a major struggle) but also I do these 4 things to cope as well:

  1. Prayer– Everyday I talk to God and ask him to lay his healing hand on my body and to continue to give me strength to get up everyday, run my business, take care of my son and our household. When bad or negative thoughts or fear come into my mind I also try to ask Him to take that away.
  2. Write– Writing has always been therapy for me. Even during periods of depression, I’ve tried to at least write a sentence or two. Writing clears my brain and in away is very cleansing. I can use paper to tell any feelings or emotions down without judgement. When no one else is there I always have my journal and Jesus!
  3. Yoga– Stretching is meditative. It releases certain endorphin’s into your body just like regular exercise and just feel so good. Often times will illness you can be tired and not feel too much like strenuous activity and also your body may not be able to take the stress. There for awhile I wasn’t able to run on a treadmill or walk but I could get out of the bed and do some stretching and bending. At first it’s hard but it’s also a good way to clear your mind in the morning too!
  4. Counseling– I am a firm believer that when you are going through something difficult it’s okay to talk to someone. Sometimes you just need another ear. Someone other than a family member or friend. It can be a pastor or a licensed counselor but someone outside of you’re inner circle may be of help. When life deals you blow after blow, back to back consistently sometimes you need to just have a ear that can help you navigate the rough waters. Sometimes we need help.

Hopefully these little tips help as you get through whatever illness you have. It’s difficult and a constant battle but these little things have helped me lighten the load.

If you are suffering from anything or have a difficult diagnosis, how do you cope? Comment below!


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