Life’s Unpleasant Surprises

Life's Unpleasant Surprises


What if you were going along one day and then BOOM out of know where you found out that you have a serious illness?

Well this happened to me, November 2016. After the loss of our son Nicolas in August 2016, I found out while hospitalized that their was something going on. My blood pressure had skyrocketed and I had mass amounts of protein in my urine indicating pre-eclamsia. But fast forward from that, I found out that my kidneys were failing me and that I basically had 25% kidney function left.

In medical terms, they call this Chronic Kidney Disease. When the doctor told me this, all I could think about was my son. I have a 2 year old that I want to see grow up! I have a husband! I don’t have time for this! Plus, I don’t feel bad. I mean I’m unusually tired, but I thought that was because I was coming out of a major depression from the loss I had just experienced months prior.

No one ever wants to hear that a major organ is failing them!

After much discussion with the doctor, I had to have a biopsy to take a small piece of tissue from my kidney in order to find out what was going on exactly(I had to have two biopsies! Talk about OUCH! But, that’s another long story). Turned out that I have glomerular sclerosis which in layman terms is severe scarring of the the tissue and filters in my kidneys. Prior to this I really didn’t know much about what role your kidney’s played in you’re bodies overall function. I have known a few distant relatives that were older and it ended up playing a major part in their final demise. Words like dialysis came into play and transplant and that’s when things became even more scarier.

My second thought was Isn’t this an “old person’s” problem? I’m only 32! Then came the why me, and then I started asking God other questions that I still don’t have an answer about yet.

Long story short…

I’ve decided to get on the list for a kidney transplant. I’m not sure at this point what’ scarier, The thought of another person’s organ in my own body or the thought of surgery and recovery.

There’s nothing like a life changing medical diagnosis, “to get your rear in gear” as my grandmother would say.

Life gives us surprises sometimes good and sometimes bad. Unpleasant as it may be they take you on a journey sometimes. If you believe in God, and I surely do, you know that if God brings you to it, he’s already got it worked out!

Join me next post as I share how I am dealing with having Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease.



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