Don’t Wait For The Perfect Writing Conditions (1)


Writing has always been my thing.

Often times words come easily, naturally. When I’m really passionate about a subject it can take me less than 3 minutes to compose a paragraph.

I love it! I have written stories, articles and have kept a journal or diary of some sort consistently since childhood.

I can’t get enough of writing. As of lately though, I noticed I had been waiting for what I call the my perfect writing conditions to write or blog. With a 3 year old however, that is happening less and less these days.

Ideally for most writers, a quiet or mellow environment with little distractions is needed. And this is same for me, sometime. I used to not be able to work in a cafe or around a lot of people or noise. Now, I can tune out noise with no problem (the skills of motherhood…maybe).

Seems like the harder I fight for the perfect writing conditions, the harder they are to come by. Many writers who are parents, choose to write either early in the morning or late at night when there house is still. This was working for awhile but for some reason not so much lately. So through out the day when my child is really engaged in playing or napping is where I have been able to squeeze in work and (an occasional trip to my favorite cafe maybe once a week when the hubby can be home).

So what do I need to get into my writing mode?  (everyone lean in close for my secret…)

It pretty simple most days. A good beverage (smoothie, coffee or hot cocoa), a good playlist on Spotify and a clear mind.

Is this what I need to get in touch with the my creative mind/heart…Sometimes.

As of lately though, I just have to do it. Sometimes it’s good just to jump in it. Much like a weather occurrence like rain, a hurricane or a tornado you need to have the perfect mix of weather conditions to get that good story or blog post going.

However, I’m sure that waiting on the perfect writing conditions is a waste of time.

Besides what really are perfect writing conditions?

These “conditions” can be so dramatically different for each individual. I know some writers need this and don’t get me wrong, it’s nice when I can catch that perfect moment… it’s awesomely euphoric.

But for now, I will fight through the distractions, duties and time constraints to do what I love and what is necessary.



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