Getting Back To It #Writing

Getting Back To It #Writing

I’ve been struggling.

I have two scripts sitting on my computer that I haven’t handed over to an editor. Not out of fear or anything but well actually one I am almost finished self-editing and the other is a novel I finished nearly 2 summers ago editing that I need to hand over to an actual editor. There I said it!

I’ve done what I didn’t think I’d ever do and that is put my writing career on the back burner…yet again.

I used to write nearly everyday before I became a parent (I can’t blame this on my son but I will for now). I started back up shortly after he was born just journaling here and there and then when he was about a year and half got the great idea to write a novella.

Once again I totally lost direction and my husband and I’s lives when I became pregnant almost a year ago and then devastatingly lost our son inutero. I’ve been a slow path to coming out of a really low point of grief and regaining  my footing in life.

Most recently while being a stay at home mom to our 3 year old son, I wanted to continue to pursue my hobby of selling antiques and vintage items. I also love making things and decided to slam one of my other passions together writing, music and making stuff and started making these little handmade notebooks/journals and selling them on Etsy in my store Dear Alice Company.

I admit I had become a bit obsessed with selling on Ebay and Etsy. For awhile it seemed like I was making a few couple of sales every other day. I loved it! It kept me motivated! Between making things for my shop and shopping for items for my stores I had become really busy, very fast.

Now I’m working my way back around to writing every single day like before. It’s a struggle from what I have to do with my other tasks, but I am sure I can do. Heck I have to be able to do it! Seems like if I don’t write, seriously I become a miserable person. Writing is my therapy and more. Also if I don’t get these stories out that are floating around in my head…well let’s just say I irritate myself!

It’s a struggle. Hey someone has to do it, right?


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