What’s Your Book About?


Well…I’m glad you asked.

Most of the time when I casually mention that I’ve written a novel, the next question is “Oh, what’s it about?”

Now for me, it’s hard to summarize my work for some reason with out telling the whole story and being my own major spoiler alert. I get so excited about sharing sometimes, I forget I do want people to actually buy my book, LOL.

I am currently working on the finishing touches for my debut novel to be released in the fall. I am still working on a narrowing down a definite release date though, so stay tuned. Be sure to follow me on this blog or Instagram for the definite release date, cover reveal and more.

Many of you read the excerpt from the book I posted on this blog Thursday, from Chapter 5 and the small piece I shared on Instagram.

However, I realized this weekend that I kind of started in middle with out giving you guys any context as to what my novel is about.

How rude of me I know, I apologize.

I’ll post an official book blurb later on, but for now I’ll just share a little about what the book is about.
My main character Melody Thomas, is starting her first year of college. She is very excited and is looking forward to being on her own. Up until this point she’s been pretty sheltered by her parents and is ready for a change of scenery. She’s expecting to have a smooth transition and wonderful time, since her high school sweetheart, Xavier is going to the same college as well.
Melody’s expectations are high. Coming off a great summer spent mostly saying goodbyes while hanging with friends staying back home and hanging out with her boyfriend. During freshman orientation however, things start going left and Melody is left feeling very confused.
This novel covers so many different topics. Some of the topics I’ll be blogging about and engaging YOU my readers in are:
Love & Relationships
Surviving Heartbreak
Being Broke aka Learning to survive on less
and more
I guess I’ll leave it right there, for now.
Thursday, I’ll be blogging about young love and heartbreak.
Until Thursday, I’ll catch you on social media.
Thanks for reading!
-Nicole Alicia

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Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri. You can find her debut novel "Drama University" on Amazon.com!

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