Hey Young Love

Hey Young Love

Young love sucks! Well, sometime.

Thinking back on it, I always seemed to have a crush on someone who wouldn’t even give me a second look. Ha, they probably didn’t know that I even existed. It’s a challenge for some of us who aren’t necessarily with the “cool” kids. Back then I really thought I was doing something. I understand now, I wasn’t necessarily “very cool” in school. I tried my best to fit in, but what my interests were, were normally was different than most. I liked to read, zone out to music, write stories and poetry. (OK, I admit I was a nerd and still am).

Young love can be so fickle and flaky, so vulnerable.

Everything’s so fresh and new, until one day someone says or does something wrong or decide they just want to date someone else. The next thing, you’re breaking up. Now days, it’s just even more complicated with social media and all. Who wrote what on whose wall and who liked whose pics. I can imagine having social media back in my day in school and boy, that’s an ugly picture!

In the early 2000’s when my character Melody, from my upcoming novel (to be released this fall) is in College, she has a pretty rough time with love. Being able to reach your boyfriend anytime, anywhere by cellphone was just becoming a “thing”.  Back in 2002, dating you had to pick up your house phone and return a call. If they weren’t home, they weren’t home and you had to wait for them to get back home to call.

This might be giving away my age, but it’s true!

In College, Melody is able to feel more comfortable to be herself though. However, dealing with missed calls, a seemingly confused boyfriend and the pressure to continue to be a scholar student in school is a lot. She’s finally came into her looks and all these different young men on campus, are actually taking notice. This is most certainly a distraction. For Melody, this is a whole new world.

Young love is wishy washy, it’s sweet and it can get a bit grimy.

So, moral of the story is don’t sweat it too, too much when that long relationship of 6 weeks doesn’t work out for you. There are other guys out there. I promise!

Heartbreak sucks too! But I think I’ll make this a whole separate topic.

Come back Tuesday for my post on heartbreak.

Have a great weekend you guys!

-Nicole Alicia


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