Grown-ish Review: College Then vs. Now

Grown-ish Review_ College Then vs. Now

I am an avid watcher of the show Black-ish. When I found out there was going to be a spin-off, I admit I was a bit skeptical at first.

I mean spin-off’s lets face it usually don’t have a positive rep. But, then I remembered my favorite spin-off of all time “A Different World”. A sitcom in the late 80’s that was a spin-off of Cosby Show right? It was a pivotal show…important for the culture then and now!


Once I saw the preview and the actors I thought, ooh this might be pretty cute!

If you’ve been following the show, Black-ish on ABC you know that Zoey (Yara Shahidi) is the oldest of the 5 children and she is starting college in California. This season they had an episode where she goes on a campus tour and meets a cutie named Aaron (Trevor Jackson) for the first time.

So far, the first three episodes were very, very accurate and comical.

Zoey realizes in the Late Registration-Ep.1  after everyone gives their account of why they are in Professor Doctor Charles class (apparently because they missed registering for the good classes), that is from midnight to 2 a.m. that maybe she made a really crappy decision that later backfires heavily on her when the girl she ditches at a party ends up becoming her roomie.

B*itch Don’t Kill My Vibe- Ep.2 was about Zoey trying to figure out how to balance her social an academic life (so relateable, because every college student struggles with this) so she ends up reluctantly popping Adderal (her new found friend-pill dealer to stay up and finish a 25 page paper that is due that day. The first attempt ended in a online shopping spree where she ends up maxing out her credit card.

If Your Reading This, It’s Too Late- Ep.3 Ms. Zoey finally gets to spend a little time with the Sophomore she’s been feelin’ Aaron. Soon after the party he texts her, “U Up?” She doesn’t know how to respond so she calls in her cavalry of girls to try and help her decide which ends up backfiring in her face when she sees Aaron with another chick. So instead, she goes out with Luca. Another friend, from the midnight class whom we were introduced to the first episode. They go out and have a great time.


But then…Aaron messages her…and Zoey answers but gets caught up when Luca comes on her computer on facetime while on the phone with Aaron on facetime. BUSTED!

Hint: DO NOT be too aggressive when first meeting a guy! They will RUN! Zoey had planned out they whole entire life and then some in that text thread, and we see what happened….LOL!!!!

Now let’s do a College then and Now comparison…

Zoey is going through typical college stuff.

Then: Now, just like the main character Melody in novel, “Drama University” I started my freshman year of College in August of 2002. Times were so much different than they are now. I mean my cell phone back then had a green back-lit screen and now photo taking capability. I think web cams were a thing but definitely not on your phone could you see someone’s face while talking to them. As I’m writing this I’m making myself feel ancient, so let me stop…

Let’s just say in 2002, it was A LOT easier to get away with things, than it is now! I mean see how Zoey got caught up…didn’t happen like that back then. Good luck to all you playa types out there!

Now: Y’all can look at your boyfriends timeline on Facebook, Instagram, Snap and spy on them…lucky you!

Then: Most of the kids that did stuff either smoked either weed (purp) or popped X.

Now: Vivek had a whole case of pills? He didn’t even know he was a drug dealer ’til the crew told him, LOL! This is a new one for me...when did this come about…someone help me understand this?

Then: The infamous, “U Up?” phone call or text at 2 a.m. meant…

Now: EXACTLY THE SAME as it did back in 2002, when I was in school. My College-aged ladies, guys don’t call or excuse me text that late (my little cousin who is in college told me no one actually talks on the phone now) at night just to know your thoughts on something (I am cracking up as I type this)!!!

PS. I like that Zoey has friends to call on…

This show has my attention so far…

Great job Kenya Barris and the rest of the Grown-ish cast!

Until next time…

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