I Gave Up On Love…More Than Once

  In life we have choices… I mean isn’t that somewhat the point of it all? Some choices we make are good…others bad. Sometimes, we end up regretting a choice do we? Some of us ladies, have decided before to stay in a crappy relationship when you knew it wasn’t going anywhere. On the otherContinue reading “I Gave Up On Love…More Than Once”

Married at Twenty-Four: Part 3

  So… if you read the last post, “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 2” you know that I gave my then husband to be (although I didn’t know it then of course), a second chance and the rest is history. I’d like to run down a few things for y’all real quick though so you don’tContinue reading “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 3”

Married at Twenty-Four: Part 2

So picking back up from my last post, “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 1” I had received a message from a guy I had went to middle and high school with. We were faint acquaintances in school and had once attempted to date, but it never happened. He was a total jock and popular in school. I wasContinue reading “Married at Twenty-Four: Part 2”

Beware Of Cuffing Season

So it’s been many years since I dated. I’m permanently “cuffed”, happily “cuffed” and have been since May 2009. Tuesday my post was on, “When Is It Time To Let It Go”. So, I thought I’d do something a little opposite of Tuesday’s post. I think it was about, August or so when I sawContinue reading “Beware Of Cuffing Season”

When Is It Time To Let It Go?

Disclaimer: This is not an advice column! I’m simply sharing my opinion and my experiences. The main character of my debut novel “Drama University”, Melody is in an on again off again relationship with Xavier. She doesn’t know how to let go or even if she should let the relationship go. With all the otherContinue reading “When Is It Time To Let It Go?”

College 101: Advice From A College Grad

Every time back-to-school rolls around, I get a bit nostalgic about my school days. (I know most of you are a few weeks into the semester now.) As a graduate of MWSU, I can honestly say that College was one of the best times of my life. Going away from your home to attend school isContinue reading “College 101: Advice From A College Grad”

5 Reasons Why My College Experience Was NOT An Episode of “A Different World”

As a matter of fact, I don’t know why it would have been because I didn’t attend an HBCU. I was actually accepted to Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri although my parents quickly crushed any hopes of me traveling that far to attend school. I also thought well what if I could go evenContinue reading “5 Reasons Why My College Experience Was NOT An Episode of “A Different World””

Heartbreak Pt. 2

Heartbreak happens! It can end up making you bitter and resentful. Often times you feel like giving up. I’ve been there! Why love again? Why even put your heart out there if it’s going to keep getting stomped on, milly wopped, nae nae’d? (P.S.feel free to insert any other current dance move, LOL) These wereContinue reading “Heartbreak Pt. 2”