Quarantine Blues Part 2

Quarantine Blues (1)



I have no idea what week were on of this Stay-at-Home order/Quarantine. I lost track days ago.

Here in Kansas City, Missouri I think it’s supposed to end May 15th. But, for me I don’t see an end in the near future. For those of us “immune compromised” folk, really I feel like it’s best to stay inside most of the time or as much as possible.

I’ve been to the post office and gas station this week, as far as getting out the house goes. This took weeks for me to do and honestly every time I go out, a little fear touches my soul.

Before this week I had only been to ride in the car places, like to pick up food at a restaurant or with my husband to the grocery store. I saw a few people at the gas station wearing masks, but really it seemed that everyone else except the clerks didn’t have masks on.

I was surprised.

My son who is six years old, is getting really antsy most days. Especially on days where it’s been too cool to go outside. Thankfully this week it’s been nice weather. It’s challenging as well to help him with school work and accomplish my work at the same time. He actually told me he missed going to REAL school. He got to talk to a few of his classmates on video chat and see his teacher as well, which he enjoyed immensely. But it isn’t the same as seeing your friends and playing with them.

This whole thing seems very weird for most and it is for me, but only to some extent. Let me explain…

I always tried to utilize what they now are calling “social distancing”. When someone would be in line at the grocery store or other places (especially when I became a mom with a small infant) I always felt like it was necessary not to be all up on people in line. People to me never had appropriate boundaries. Just my opinion.

Being the introvert that I am, minimal social interaction is just fine with me.

I miss my weekly excursions to the thrift store, my parents visiting and seeing my baby boy’s face light up when I picked him up from school.


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