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There have been few things I have truly enjoyed about this pandemic, quarentin-ing, stay-at-home thing.

What I have found most enlightening and joyous has been these Instagram Live Battles between artists and when my favorite artist goes “Live”.

Now I have missed quite a few of these major ones like the first and second attempts at going IG Live from Babyface and Teddy Riley.

I heard it was a complete mess anyways.

Although this wasn’t on Instagram…I didn’t see the first $1 concert from Erykah Badu, one of my all time favorite artists EVER, but I did catch the next live $2 Sunday Concert. I felt like this was so clever to charge on her own website. Also, I loved how it wasn’t a traditional concert and she gave the option to switch up the flow and go to different rooms in her house that each provided a different vibe.

Other people who I’ve caught on Live are DJ’s, D-Nice and Kansas City’s own and fellow Center High graduate DJ Q and our radio station Hot 103.3 radio personality Brian B Shynin’.

I am however anxiously awaiting for this Saturdays upcoming IG Live Battle between another one of my favorite artists Jill Scott and Erykah Badu!

Now on this one, I have done some heavy contemplation and I mean this is a difficult one.

Both are considered neo-soul artists of which I was both introduced to around the same time, back in middle school/high school. I’ve seen both in concert and have all their albums, but I won’t say who I think would win because that’s just hard because they are both phenomenal artists who I love both, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Have you caught any of your favorites on Instagram Live during this pandemic? Who was your favorite?

Until next time…

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