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Many of us have had a lot of time on our hands since this horrible virus has come about. Although I am a mother of a 6 year old, as I have stated in other posts, I really am able to get a lot done and have enjoyed (most days) getting to spend so much time with my little guy.

Although a writer at heart, as I’ve mentioned before I love to thrift!

Two of my shops I have on Etsy have really come to a slight slow down. I mean honestly for my home decor vintage shop, I just haven’t added anything lately because estate sales have been dry and thrift stores have been closed. I know, I know you are probably saying what about “online auctions”? You know what I tried it. Back in March and I am just now scheduled to go pick up items.

I am thankful in away that things are opening back up, but as I said in my last post, “Why I’ll Be Staying Inside” I kind of go into detail about my health situation and how I’ll be hiding out per se for awhile longer in order to try to keep our family and myself healthy.

But while I’v been inside, I decided to take a further analyzation of my shops. I have Dear Alice Co. , which I was initially selling handmade items on and then decided to nix the jewelry I was making and just go with my handmade notebooks and vintage home goods, collectibles and kitchenware. On my other shop Blu-83 Vintage (which I initially split from Dear Alice Co.), I sell strictly vintage clothing (mainly from the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s) and accessories well there was nothing to change there.

So, I started brainstorming.

I said “Wait!”

What if I took my collage art designs from my handmade notebooks I had been selling on Dear Alice Co. and put them on t-shirts!!!

So was born my new shop “99th & Lydia Co.“!

In the midst of a pandemic, somehow I have remained optimistic and am still having fun.

I am still writing as well. Not just on this blog, but finishing up the 2nd book in my Melody Thomas Series which I anticipate I will publish next Spring (Maybe sooner)!

Just thankful right now, to still be using my gifts and still be doing what I love, love, love to do which is create!

Until next time…

Nicole Alicia sig

P.S. Check out my NEW shop 99th & Lydia Co. at 99thandlydiaco.com launching May 22nd, 2020!



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Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri. You can find her debut novel "Drama University" on Amazon.com!

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