Why I’ll Be Staying Inside

Why I'll Be Staying Inside

In many states things have began to “open back up”. Many cities like Kansas City, Missouri have put in place a slow phase in of opening back up starting as soon as this week.

Here’s my thing…

I’ve always kind of been a germ-a-phobe and needed my 6ft. I also never really like being in crowded spaces, it spikes my anxiety something terrible.

As I said in previous posts, this really got worse once I became a mom in 2014. The germ-a-phobe part and the anxiety part. I nearly cussed a lady out one time in Walmart for petting my newborn baby in the store like he was some attraction at the Zoo.

The nerve of some people!

I have no problem with wearing masks either. Nobody in our community seems to wear them though.

The reason I will be staying at home until they find a vaccine for ‘ol Rona or until people actually take this seriously and try to help prevent the spread. Which sadly I don’t see happening.

I am totally cool with just going to pick up food when needed and just going to get medications. My husband has been doing the grocery shopping so I’m cool on that as well.

I do worry about what precautions and the procedures they are going to take in schools this Fall, but that’s a topic far from my mind right now.

The reason my family and I have been taking extra precautions is because truly the fact is that if I contracted this vicious virus, the likely hood of me recovering if slim to none.

Currently I’m in stage 5 renal failure (ESRD) and I have high blood pressure issues.

I’m just not willing to take that risk.

Very few folks it seems are taking this seriously and by cities reopening, I am believing what Dr. Anthony Fauci said. There will be a second outbreak.

I am praying that this doesn’t happen, but I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. If this means not going anywhere. So be it.

Heck, I would love to be at someone’s estate sale or thrift store right now shopping for items for my shops. But is it safe for me? No.

I understand many people need for the world to open back up because of employment. Which is all fine if proper procedures are followed and enforced. My opinion personally is people are gonna do what they want though.

What are your thought on “The Rona”?

Until next time…

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