A Day In The Life Of A Writer

I won’t be before you long today (ain’t that what the pastor says LOL), I just thought I’d share a bit with you today. Let you in on my life. Now I might do a Vlog on my YouTube Channel later to go with this, but for now I’ll just do a blog.

So as I was sharing with you guys and gals a few weeks ago, I have been blogging now for about 11 years or so. I’ve been writing stories probably since 2nd grade that I can remember. I just published my first novel in 2017. I had taken a brief break from blogging last year due to health reasons and just getting my life together. Although this stupid pandemic is still going on, we tried to get back to some normalcy before the “Omarion” hit late last year, but anyways.

I start planning my week with a notebook and writing a basic list. I then will assign dates and use my paper planner to jot down what days I will complete these tasks.

But here’s a little how my days go….

7am -wake up, gather thine self after 10 hours of being on this dialysis machine

My night time hook-up aka my life line šŸ™‚

My husband gets our son up before he goes to work help him with his morning routine and get him breakfast, so that all Mommy (me) has to do is do his hair and prepare his backpack for the day. So babe if you’re reading this Thank YOU again!

8:15 ish– I rush my son off to school and sometimes grab breakfast on the way back home.

9:15 ish– I get to writing. I am currently working on a new novella that I plan to have out Fall ’22. My goal is to write 500 words a day. I’ve been working on this project since August, so yeah I’m almost finished. If I have any appointments, I try to schedule them for the morning time so that I can get those out the way and still have time to work. Coffee is needed!

My little office space

11 ish– Look at what else I have on my planner to do for my online shops Dear Alice Co. & 99th and Lydia.

1pm ish– I try to fix me some lunch or DoorDash it (because yes I’m lazy). I’m very basic. I love a good turkey sandwich!

2 pm– Try to wrap up what I’m doing, maybe throw some dishes in the dishwasher or tidy up the living room a bit before I have to go get my son from school. If I get to the pick-up line early I may make necessary phone calls or sit and chit chat with my Dad or hubby.

4 pm– Start helping with homework.

6pm-Dinner with the fam

7pm– Start prepping for next day, lay out clothes for son and myself. Prep my dialysis machine for the night.

8pm– Try to be in bed. I read before I go to sleep, the phone and TV keep me up.

That’s usually it. I stay up until 10pm watching a TV show lately “Women of The Movement” and then there’s a documentary part that comes on after the show. On the weekend, I stay up playing video games and such as well.

As you can see nothing too exciting. I try to practice self-care and occasionally go get my nails and hair done when I have sometime. I really miss going to the local coffee shops to write and browsing around town, but until this Corona thing improves, I’ll be kind of staying at home.

What’s a typical day look like for you?

Until next time…


Published by Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri. You can find her debut novel "Drama University" on Amazon.com!

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