Flash Fiction Friday Vol.1

The Secret Travelers Coat By Nicole Alicia

Walking up to the massive two story brick house, I am filled with excitement. I had previewed the estate sale online before I drove 30 minutes halfway across the city. She was a “church lady”, a woman of God. I could read who a person was and their style before I even stepped into the house. As I walked up the weed filled concrete path leading to the house, a rot iron screen door was propped open greeting me. A man who was obviously with the company putting on the estate sale stood at the door .

“Hello, everything is half price today,” he said.

“Cool, thanks,” I replied.

I look around the drab looking house. It most certainly reflected the outside. You could tell the house had been sitting for sometime. Beaten down what used to be brown shag carpet gave a pathway to what looked like a sitting room. If it weren’t for the door to the house being propped open, the smell of must would have slapped me in the face at the door. Upon walking a few steps further, an elaborate display of jewelry, broaches, pins, necklaces and such. She was a real stylish lady as well.

Draped across a French provincial style, cream colored couch with arm chair to match, an mink stole. A fancy lady, I thought to myself. I turned right and headed toward the kitchen. Nearly wiped out of dishes except for a few scripture plaques on the wall and a gold plated Jesus on the cross hung on the wall. I turned the corner and there was a small closet full of coats. I browsed through them quickly. A pretty, waist length brown leather jacket stood out. I pulled it out and looked at it, looking for any flaws. Then further down the line, I saw a burnt orange color petty coat. I looked at the tag 8/10 on both. Just my size!

I browsed around the house, going in one room and then up stairs. This house seemed to go on forever. I made my way to the front to check out. I handed the guy the two coats and couple other odds and ends I found. “That will be $45.25,” he replied.

“Wow, great!”

“You enjoy those coats, I hear that they are really something special,” he patted them before he handed them to me. He gave me a wink.

He raised both his eye brows as if surprised.

As I hurried off to my car across the street, I looked left and then right. No one coming. Just as I reached to grab the car door handle, WHOOSH! A car came zooming down the giant hill. I stood there shook for a moment. It was time to head home for sure.

To be continued next week…

Let me know what you think so far in the comments.

Until next time…


Published by Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri. You can find her debut novel "Drama University" on Amazon.com!

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